Monday, 31 October 2011

Failed Halloween III

When we finally decided to leave for the club, it was already 11. We took metro to get to our destination. It was actually very fun to just walking on the street or taking the metro at downtown on a Halloween weekend. You would see many people disguised in thousands of interesting creatures. This is what I encountered that night. Arrived at the club, there was really a HUGE line up. Thought I had been in this club several times, it was the first time that I saw such a long and crowded line. This Halloween event is very successful. So we started to wait in the line. A night of the end of October in Montreal was getting freezing. So this huge crowd just stood in the wind and waited, waited, waited. The line did not seem to move in 10, 20, 30 minutes...We waited for one hour already and just did not succeed to get in!!!

At 12:30, we just decided to give up since even the bouncer said "the night is done". Disappointed, I and my friends went into the AMC building to take seat on the banc in order to relieve our feet that were deformed by the heels. Some of my friends decided to go home. So I and my friend thought it was better to go back as well. Since it was already 1 the metro had stopped. We took a cab to get back to my friend's residence. I did not sleep well on that night since I can only have a sound sleep in my own bed. In the morning as I woke up, I was wondering why my parents did not call me once the entire night the following morning. I tried to find my cell phone but I could not find it anywhere. At that time, I realized that I also lost my cell phone!!!But where...? The most probable place is on the cab. This is the second time that I lost my phone in the cab. This Halloween night is such a failure. I did not have much fun and I lost my cell phone. This is life...?

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