Saturday, 29 October 2011

Failed Halloween I

The midterm weeks were long and busy. Every week there were exams and presentations and almost every night I stayed at school library to study. So, the Halloween party was really something that I looked forward to since it was at the day that I have done all the midterm exams. After this seemingly endless midterm period, it would be a great occasion to have some fun and to celebrate with friends the end of midterms. However, that night was not as good as I expected.

It started in a rush. Since I had my last exam in the day, I spent all the time to study and I did not think about my Halloween costume. After I am done with the exam (which was no as hard as I expected), I had three hours to figure out what I am going to wear for the event. I thought three hours would be plenty of time for me to look to a costume, but I ended up to be wrong. I underestimated my procrastination and indecisiveness. Though I easily found a theme for the costume (Greek deities or goddess), I spent LOTs of time looking for the right clothing and accessories to create that ancient Greece feeling. Unexpected problems continuously popped up and it ended up that finding all I need for the costume in three hours was impossible. Finally I decided to wore the clothes I brought (just a normal outfit) and the hair ring my friend made for me (because she insisted that I NEED something for Halloween). I should make that decision in the first place, thus saving me from the stress and pressure that I felt during the three hours, while I run around the whole world looking for the right outfit. When I and my friend arrived at the predrink, we were already late for 30 minutes and we still did not have our dinner. Nevertheless, by that time I got eased up from the rush and felt very relaxed. I started to get excited for the night.

Want to know what happened after? The story continues tomorrow!

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