Monday, 31 October 2011

Failed Halloween II

So arrived at the predrink, I and my friend ordered a chicken fried rice first. Of course we can not drink with an empty stomach! The little bar in which the predrink took place was pretty amiable. The wall was decorated and the light dimmed in order to create the atmosphere of Halloween. In the small space there were full of people who dressed up to become the creature that he or she wants to be in the innermost of their selves. People chatted between each other, played games, and drank. One thing that is a little bit disappointing was that although the predrink was called "all you can drink", there were really not much choices. There were only four kinds and they were all too much diluted. Nevertheless, I had a good time there: I met some people and played games together.
At 10:30, the organizer of the predrink advised us to leave for the club because he believed that there would be a huge line up for tonight, such an unique occasion. Nevertheless, we still decided to stay for a while longer since we did not had have enough drink. This proved to be a wrong choice...

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