Wednesday, 2 November 2011

iPhone 4s...

It has been a while that I has an internal debate about whether I should buy an iPhone. This little glass-and-metal device has nothing that looks the other phones. It is edgy and cool. Starting from one year ago, most of my friends gradually shifted to iPhone. First I was amazed by the phone's glass-like appearance and the swiftness of how it reacts to my fingers' movement. As I became more familiarized with the product, I was stricken by its seemingly countless applications. You can find every imaginable and unimaginable functions.

However, the product's negative consequence began to show as people grew increasingly dependent of the phone.

I remembered there was one time I went out to have a dinner with my best friends. It should had been a re-union night since we had not been together all of us for a long time. The evening was pretty agreeable but there was one thing that bothered me: my friends just seemed unable to separate themselves completely from the phone. From time to time, one person was updating what she was doing and where she was on her facebook where as another girl is checking on the feeds that popped out on twitter. Since the night was also to celebrate one friend's birthday, we took pictures and videos of the birthday girl and with all of us. When the photo seance was done, they immediately started to edit the photos and to upload them on the web. Since they all had iPhone and were doing the same thing, I was kind of left alone, not knowing what to do.

So was it because the fear of being an outcast that I wanted to buy an iPhone for myself?

But this phenomenon of "people cant get themselves off the iPhone" is not only happening to my friends. As I walked on Sainte Catherine street this afternoon, I saw a young couple shopping. Their one hands were holding together where as the other hands were holding iPhones. Both the guy and the girl were not talking to each other, or observing around, or looking at their steps. Instead, they were concentrating on their individual iPhone. This scene was rather interesting for me to see. The couple was physically together, at the same place and time, but their minds wondered in I-don't-know-which-corner-on-the-web-or-in-the-numerous-apps...


  1. Yeah I totally agree with what you're saying! It's true, iPhone is like a sort of drug for its users XD
    But on the other hand, it has some really useful applications that can really enhance your life. I downloaded an app that tells me when my bus comes, an app that turns the phone into a flashlight, and newspapers...pretty useful stuff!

  2. Wow the description of the couple holding hands but staring at their iPhones is pretty depressing haha! iPhones can definitely be dangerous... it's just about using it in moderation I guess :)

  3. The bottom line is... You now have your 4S! I agree with nancee7 that how you make use of it is entirely up to you. Downloading dictionary app was a good start ;)

  4. Yeah... especially now I just got my iPhone, I just can't get it off my hands..I am constantly playing games, reading novel, surfing internet on it. I remember the first days I got the phone, I didn't use my home laptop once... I can do practically everything on the phone.