Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Here it goes, iPhone 4s

I feel that I have to write something about it, since I just got the phone 2 weeks ago. I like it very much. The phone indeeds changes some of my routine ways of doing things. For example, before I had the phone, I check my emails every two of three days since I found the process of going to the web page and sign in to my account annoying. This often leads to missing some important mails and not responding in time. Now, the process becomes so easy, I just need to press one button and I am at my email inbox. I check my mails several times a day and I can get notified immediately every time I receive a new email. I found it very useful.

The apps are also very useful. I download dictionaries, bus schedule , expense tracker, recipes apps, and reader. Similarly to emails, I just need to press one button and I will have access to the information that I was looking for. This offers me incomparable convenience than what I used to do with my laptop. I would need to turn it on, open a web page, go to google and then search for the info.

However, this convenience is a double-edge sword. With the same effortless one button-pressing, I can get to my favourite games and starting playing it. I found it very distracting when I have the phone around me while I am studying. I had a hard time controlling myself not to play with it. Nevertheless, my self-control is gradually improving. I found ways to counter its attraction: I need to put the phone in the bag while studying. In this way I could ignore and forget its existence and therefore stay focus.

Siri was among the main factors that drove me to buy the phone. However, after playing with it, I found the function less useful than I expected. First you need to have internet access in order to use it. Since I dont hava a data plan so I need to be in a place with wifi in order to use it. Second, you need to say you order clearly and slowly, enunciating everying word correctly, or else Siri would have a hard time trying to understand. In the meanwhile, I can see that the function still has a great potential. I am sure that with time Siri will become smarter and more accurate.

 In short, I really enjoy using the iPhone. It is convenient, easy to use, and incredibly entertaining.

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